Patrick Sullivan

Strategic Partner Development Manager, Google

Patrick Sullivan is an innovative technology entrepreneur and investor who was CEO and Co-founder of RightsFlow, a music licensing and royalty management company, acquired by Google in 2011. As Strategic Partner Development Manager at Google, he spearheads key content licensing, monetization, and copyright identification initiatives. He previously held executive positions with The Orchard Enterprises, eMusic, the National Music Publisher's Association (NMPA), and the Harry Fox Agency (HFA).

His extensive experience in industry negotiations, licensing and royalty payments, digital content management and distribution, as well as legislative and legal affairs makes him a frequent lecturer at corporations, universities, and conferences around the world. Patrick holds a Master's Degree in Business from New York University. Additionally he received the 2013 WhyHunger Award this spring in recognition of his philanthropic contributions to the charitable organization over the years.

Patrick can also be found on Twitter @RightsFlowCEO and on Linkedin at