Debra LaKind

Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Debra LaKind is the Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Debra has twenty-five years of brand, licensing and rights management experience with expertise in sales, planning, operations, and management of multiple departments. Her responsibilities include overseeing cross-departmental coordination in assessing and developing new business development initiatives and strategic partnerships as they relate to the museum's intellectual property. She has developed and implemented strategies related to the dissemination of visual materials representing the museum's collection in an effort to generate revenue to support the scholarly priorities, needs and mission of the museum. In addition Debra is skilled in the creation and execution of strategic planning and negotiation, consumer/ business-to-business operations, and revenue optimization with the consistent delivery of strong, sustainable revenue.

Debra holds a BA in Economics from University of Michigan and serves on the boards of not-for-profit organizations including the Boston Ballet, Combined Jewish Philanthropies and is a Vice President for the New England Chapter of the American Society of Picture Professionals.