Chris Ruen

Author, Freeloading

Chris Ruen is a 31-year old author from Brooklyn whose essays and criticism have appeared in The New York Times, Slate, Seattle Weekly, The New York Press and Stereogum. He is a former Contributing Editor for the internationally-distributed Cool 'Eh Magazine and has covered music culture for Tiny Mix Tapes, a Minneapolis-based online music magazine. While studying at the University of Minnesota, he founded The Wake, a student magazine that went on to earn national recognition in 2006 as "Best Campus Publication" by the Independent Press Association. Ruen's authorial debut, FreeLoading: How Our Insatiable Appetite For Free Content Is Starving Creativity, was published in 2012 by O/R Books in the US and Canada. The book is available in Australia/New Zealand via Scribe Publications and will be released in the UK this October. Ruen's nonfiction work is animated by curiosity for what it means to be an engaged individual citizen-consumer in our time, as humanity begins to wrestle with this exponentially more technological, "connected" and dynamic new century.

Ruen has appeared onstage in conversation with David Byrne for the Live at NYPL series; has keynoted and spoken on panels for policy conferences and arts festivals; and has been interviewed by WFMU, The Village Voice and Vol.1 Brooklyn. He also read his entire book (minus the interviews) in a single marathon reading last October.